Ulti-modem Underwater Inductive Modem

Plug in your ADCP, CTD, WQM, Aquadopp, SeaFET, or other serial instrument to communicate on real-time inductive moorings.

Connect Ulti-modem to a serial port on your buoy controller to communicate with all S9 or SBE inductive sensors or modems.

Easy to Use ● Easy on Your Budget

Powered by 1 AA lithium cell ● 8 MB backup memory

Transmit up to 19.2 kbaud to another Ulti-modem

Concentric on the wire ● streamlined to reduce stress and fouling

The Ulti-modem enables ADCPs, CTDs, biogeochemical sensors, multi-parameter sondes, or other instruments having an RS-232 interface to communicate with moorings or platforms, or directly to shore using inductive telemetry. Data is transmitted using plastic-jacketed steel wire rope as the transmission medium, consuming very little power and eliminating failure prone underwater connectors and cables. S9’s innovative dual-mode technology provides fast transmit capability (up to 19200 baud) when communicating with other S9 Ulti-modems, and also communicates with inductive modem products from Sea-Bird Electronics. The plastic housing with titanium face plate is rated to 1000 meters depth. Typical battery endurance is three years.

The Inductive Data Recorder (IDR) makes it possible to record all communications from multiple instruments communicating on a mooring using S9 or Sea-Bird inductive telemetry. The IDR enables a diver to retrieve data periodically from shallow moorings that lack real-time telemetry by swapping IDR’s on the mooring line, rather than pulling the entire mooring. The IDR records data and commands transmitted by S9 Enduro or X-TP sensors, Ulti-modems or instruments using Sea-Bird inductive telemetry.

The IDR shares mechanical and electrical design components with the Enduro APT Recorder, but has no sensors. Specialized firmware allows the IDR to transmit in response to individual or group commands, yet ignore commands that would stop recording.  The IDR is easily hand held and installs concentrically on the mooring wire in seconds using a cordless driver. Its uniquely small tapered shape reduces dynamic stress on the mooring and fends off fishing lines or debris that might otherwise snag the instrument.

S9 OEM Ulti-modem boards and accessories enable instrument manufacturers to add inductive telemetry capability to serial sensors, instruments, or controllers for autonomous buoys or moored or tethered profilers.  We can supply tailored-to-fit  “bolt-on” cable couplers to accommodate different housing geometries, reducing a manufacturer’s in-house design and production effort, or we can provide only the ferrite cores and wound coils.

Note that there are two versions, our standard OEM module, 15011A (“S9 footprint”) shown in top and side views at the left, and a larger plug-in replacement for Sea-Bird IMMs (15032A, shown below) created by installing the standard layout board set (15011A) onto a “carrier board” that has the same connector and pin arrangement as the Sea-Bird IMM (IMM Footprint).



The IMM replacement module is designed to support upgrade of “legacy” applications for the SBE IMM. As such, the carrier board can also be configured with a high-efficiency switching power supply, which we recommend using when the source of power to the modem will be greater than 5V.  The switching power supply permits an input voltage up to 48V. (Useful if the modem will be powered by an ADCP battery pack for example.)  If the Ulti-modem will be powered by 12V or more, the switching power supply reduces power consumption by 60%.  The switching power supply option has no extra cost.

For more information on OEM modems and accessories, see the Document Download tab above.





Technical Documents

Ulti-modem Manual R010Q