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Digital Temperature Sensors and Inductive Modem components for integration by other manufacturers.

OEM Temperature Sensors

RS-232 or Logic Level serial interface

Inductive Modem Board Assemblies

Sea-Bird IMM replacement or smaller S9 footprint for new designs

Inductive Couplers and Components

Inductive couplers and assembly components for OEMs

OEM Digital Temperature Sensors are ideal for integration on underwater instrumentation, surface drifting buoys, ROVs, AUVs, or industrial and laboratory applications. They offer very high accuracy and stability, extreme durability, low cost and easy integration. The simple serial interface is offered in RS-232 or 3.3V logic level.

Screw-in Sensor with probe guard. (SDHC card shown for size reference)

Smooth Shank with wire leads

Ulti-modem board assemblies are available in two formats.  To replace a Sea-Bird IMM in an existing application, use P/N 15032A.  For new designs, use PN 15011A (shown in photo below, mounted to the IMM carrier board)  Download “OEM Ulti-modem specifications” for detailed board specifications.



Inductive couplers function like an antenna, receiving and sending signals between the modem board and the mooring wire.  PN 50153 shown below is an example of a coupler intended to be installed on an end cap of an instrument pressure housing. Contact S9 with information about your intended pressure housing to determine whether PN 50153 is suitable for your application.  Several dimensions of the coupler can be easily varied to create application-specific designs.  Download “Design Concept – Bolt-on Coupler” for more information.

For manufacturers preferring to make their own coupler, S9 offers it’s standard ferrite cores, coils and coupling transformers. (Transformers used in limited applications where the mooring wire and “seawater ground” are connected directly to the modem)