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Soundnine Inc. offers a range of solutions that can be applied to Ocean Observing or Freshwater Monitoring infrastructure and operations.

Real-time Multipoint Temperature, Pressure, & Accelerometer (tilt) Measurement and Telemetry

XT or XTP sensor, Enduro APT Recorder

Real-time towed Temperature/Pressure/Accelerometer Chain

Turnkey Buoy Systems

Surface Drifter

Mooring dynamics monitoring / stress failure prediction using low cost 3-axis accelerometers

Underwater Inductive Telemetry (Ulti-modem & SIMC) – Communication between underwater instrumentation and surface buoys or fixed platforms

Adapting existing RS-232 instruments to inductive telemetry

Example Ulti-modem Inductive Mooring 

ADCP data from seafloor to shore station using Ulti-modem

Controlling subsurface inductive moorings and transferring data underwater via acoustic or inductive telemetry

SIMC Application examples 1 & 2

Controlling subsurface inductive moorings and relaying data via Ulti-Buoy with Iridium, Cellular or VHF telemetry 

Telemetry relay from subsurface mooring

Real-time Wave Height/Period & Surface Temperature Monitoring – Turnkey Ulti-Buoy for Waves System

Custom System Integration (Dante Controller, Ulti-Buoy Controller, Inline Compass Module, OEM Ulti-modem, OEM Temperature Sensor)

Building your own Telemetering Data Buoy using the Dante System

Adding Vector-averaged Wind Direction to Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

OEM integration of S9 Ulti-modem

OEM integration of low-cost high accuracy temperature sensors