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Real-time Data Buoys   Turnkey data & telemetry solutions


Buoy Controllers    Build or Retrofit your own real-time data buoy



Ulti-modem Underwater Inductive Modem   Talk to a string of Sea-Bird compatible inductive instruments, or adapt existing RS-232 instruments to communicate on inductive moorings



Inductive Data Recorder   Record all data and commands transmitted on an inductive mooring. Enables a diver to retrieve data without pulling the mooring 



Moored Sensors & Recorders   Sensors & Recorders for Temperature, Pressure & Acceleration



Inline Compass Module   Plug in your ultrasonic wind sensor – get wind speed and vector-averaged wind direction and tilt in one serial data stream.

OEM Sensors & Inductive Modem Components   Digital Temperature Sensors and Inductive Modem components for integration by other manufacturers.