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Brochures & Specifications


 DANTE Buoy Controller

Dante Brochure R010E – Buoy Controller and summary of DANTE System

Dante PowerPack Brochure R010F – Battery and Solar Panel Specifications

Sub-surface Inductive Mooring Controller (SIMC)

SIMC Brochure


Ulti-Buoy Brochure


Ulti-modem Brochure

Inductive Data Recorder

IDR Brochure

XTP Sensor

XTP Sensor Specifications

Enduro APT Recorder

Enduro APT Brochure

Sea Surface Temperature Sensor

SST Sensor Brochure

Inline Compass Module (ICM)

ICM Brochure

OEM Temperature Sensor

OEM Temp Sensor Specifications

OEM Ulti-modem Board Assemblies

OEM Board Assembly Specifications