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S9’s new OEM Digital Temperature Sensors are ideal for integration on underwater instrumentation, drifting buoys, ROVs, AUVs, or industrial and laboratory applications. They offer high accuracy and stability, extreme durability, low cost and easy integration.

The sensor is designed to screw in to a 7/16-20 threaded hole, commonly used on underwater bulkhead connectors and make an O-ring seal. An optional screw-on probe guard is available and the sensor can be ordered with wire leads or solder connections. The serial interface can be either RS-232 or 3.3 V logic level. The sampling interval is user programmable and sampling starts automatically when the sensor is powered.  Temperature data in degrees C are output in ASCII characters (ex.  tt.tttt)

Range:                       – 5 to +45°C

Accuracy:                    ± 0.005°C (-2 to +35°C)

Stability:                         0.00025°C/month

Resolution:                    0.0001°C

Time constant:              less than 1 second

Supply Voltage:            5 – 28 VDC

Current consumption:    10 mA max.

Depth Rating:                6,000 m


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