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Sensors & Recorders for Temperature, Pressure & Acceleration

Low Cost XT & XTP Sensors with Inductive Telemetry 



Temperature & Acceleration

Temperature, Acceleration & Pressure

Enduro AT & APT Recorders

Temperature/Pressure Recorders with Inductive Telemetry

Sea Surface Temperature Sensor

Real-time Temperature Sensor with RS-232 interface

The XT and XTP sensors are low cost, high accuracy, semi-eXpendable Temperature (XT), or Temperature Pressure (XTP) sensors that include a 3-axis accelerometer (tilt sensor). On command, the sensors take a sample and transmit their data in real-time via inductive telemetry (1200 baud). They communicate with S9’s Ulti-modem or Sea-Bird IMM, typically integrated with a buoy controller. Inductive telemetry uses the mooring wire as the data transmission medium, eliminating
bulky, expensive and failure-prone underwater electrical cables and connectors.

The XT or XTP sensors are ideal for expendable temperature profiling drifters, or remote thermistor chain profiling applications requiring high resolution profiles with high accuracy and stability.  The sensors can output single measurements of temperature, pressure and tilt, or burst samples of pressure and 3-axis acceleration at up to 50 Hz for short intervals. Having a pressure sensor at the top and bottom of the chain and a tilt measurement at each sensor makes it possible to calculate the actual depth of each temperature measurement between the two pressure sensors, regardless of changing wire angle caused by currents or wind.

The XTP is small, lightweight and robust and can be positioned at any point on the wire to optimize sensor spacing. Users can easily re-position sensors to suit changing conditions.

The internal battery allows sampling every 10 minutes for 1100 days when new, or 750 days after 4 years of storage. Initial accuracy is ± 5 millidegrees. In a system with ten sensors sampling every ten minutes, the internal battery lasts about three years. The battery is not user serviceable, but can be replaced by S9 when the sensor is returned for calibration.

The Enduro APT measures Acceleration, Pressure and Temperature (AT measures Acceleration and Temperature only), records internally, and transmits data in real time over plastic jacketed wire rope. S9’s inductive technology is fully compatible with Sea-Bird inductive telemetry. The Enduro can sample acceleration, temperature and pressure every 3 minutes for three years in a typical real-time mooring. Enduro stores data on both an 8MB internal flash memory and a removable 4GB SDHC memory card. Data capacity is limited only by battery endurance.

The Enduro solves deployment and handling problems commonly experienced using other moored sensors, and delivers a new standard of performance, ease of use and affordability. Using electronic technology common in cell phones helped reduce size and power requirements, and permitted a more compact and less costly mechanical design. Held in one hand during mooring assembly, Enduro installs concentrically on the mooring wire in seconds using a cordless driver. Its uniquely small tapered shape reduces dynamic stress on the mooring and fends off fishing lines or debris that might otherwise snag the instrument.

Removable Micro SDHC Memory Card

The removable memory (4GB) makes it easy to manage deployments of large numbers of sensors. Data is quickly retrieved by removing the card. Just open the housing, press the button, and when the green light flashes, remove the memory card. Sensor serial number, calibration data, start time and card removal time are automatically saved with the measurement data on the card. To prepare for the next deployment, just install a new card prepared with a set up file, and press a button next to the card socket. Enduro reads the configuration and flashes a green LED indicating the sensor is ready to go. Any setup problem is indicated by yellow flashes. The Enduro also includes a high-speed USB port for configuration setup and data download.


The Sea Surface Temperature sensor (SST) is a submersible high-accuracy temperature sensor developed for near-surface measurements on buoys, piers or other platforms. The plastic housing allows direct mouting to metal structures. The standard brass connector and fittings are robust agains corrosion. The SST is also available with 316L stainless steel and titanium options. The SST has a simple RS232 interface. Sampling starts automatically when powered, no programming is required.