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The observatory is called THEMO (Texas A&M – University of Haifa Eastern Mediterranean Observatory) and comprises a shallow mooring (125 m) on the continental shelf near the edge of the Levant Basin, 25 km from Haifa, and a deep mooring (1500 m) located 50 km from Haifa.  S9’s Enduro APT recorders (Acceleration, Pressure, Temperature) with built-in inductive telemetry are clamped to the jacketed wire rope mooring line at 11 depths between 5 and 85 meters.  They communicate through the wire rope with an Underwater Ulti-modem connected to the buoy controller. The two moorings have real-time RF communication with a shore station linked to the University of Haifa where the data are displayed.

A diver from University of Haifa installs Enduro APT recorders during mooring maintenance operations. Photo Credit – H. Nativ, Morris Kahn Marine Research Station, University of Haifa http://med-lter.haifa.ac.il/

More information is available at: http://themo.haifa.ac.il/