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Our new Inline Compass Module (ICM) combines heading and tilt data with wind speed data from RS-232 wind sensors to produce a serial data stream of wind speed and vector-averaged wind direction on buoys or other moving platforms. It’s suited for upgrading existing sensor installations and can also be operated without a wind sensor as a digital compass and accelerometer.

The ICM contains a three-axis magnetometer and accelerometer that measure heading and acceleration at up to 50Hz. Magnetometer and accelerometer data are recorded during a measurement period and appended to bytes received from a serial sensor connected to the ICM’s instrument port. Magnetometer and accelerometer sample rate and measurement period can be programmed to match the wind sensor sampling. At the end of a measurement period, the collected data are transmitted via the ICM’s RS-232 control port and a new measurement period is started automatically. Raw or vector-averaged heading and acceleration data, merged with the wind speed data, are typically acquired by a buoy controller like the DANTE System, or other data logger or terminal program.

Heading accuracy is ± 2°. The immersion-proof plastic and titanium housing is equipped with two wet-pluggable connectors (MCBH-4M on each end) and is suitable for vertical pole mount.