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Ulti-modem Underwater Inductive Modem

Plug in your ADCP, CTD, WQM, Aquadopp, SeaFET, or other serial instrument to communicate on real-time inductive moorings.

Connect Ulti-modem to a serial port on your buoy controller to communicate with all S9 or SBE inductive sensors or modems.

Powered by 1 AA lithium cell ● 8 MB backup memory

Easy to Use ● Easy on Your Budget

Transmit up to 19.2 kbaud to another Ulti-modem

Concentric on the wire ● streamlined to reduce stress and fouling

The Ulti-modem enables ADCPs, CTDs, biogeochemical sensors, multi-parameter sondes, or other instruments having an RS-232 interface to communicate with moorings or platforms, or directly to shore using inductive telemetry. Data is transmitted using plastic-jacketed steel wire rope as the transmission medium, consuming very little power and eliminating failure prone underwater connectors and cables. S9’s innovative dual-mode technology provides fast transmit capability (up to 19200 baud) when communicating with other S9 Ulti-modems, and also communicates with inductive modem products from Sea-Bird Electronics. The plastic housing with titanium face plate is rated to 1000 meters depth. Typical battery endurance is three years.


Brochures and Spec Sheets


Ulti-modem Brochure R010M


Technical Documents


Ulti-modem Manual R010Q