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The Inductive Data Recorder (IDR) stores all inductive telemetry communications from multiple S9 or Sea-Bird instruments on a mooring. The IDR enables a diver to retrieve data periodically from shallow moorings that lack real-time telemetry by swapping IDR’s on the mooring line, rather than pulling the entire mooring. The IDR records data and commands transmitted by S9 Enduro or X-TP sensors, Ulti-modems or instruments using Sea-Bird inductive telemetry.

The IDR shares mechanical design and electrical components (SD card, USB interface, battery, etc.) with the Enduro APT Recorder, but has no sensors. Specialized firmware allows the IDR to transmit in response to individual or group commands, yet ignore commands that would stop recording. The IDR is easily hand held and installs concentrically on the mooring wire in seconds using a cordless driver. Its uniquely small tapered shape reduces dynamic stress on the mooring and fends off fishing lines or debris that might otherwise snag the instrument.


Brochures and Spec Sheets

Inductive Data Recorder Brochure


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