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Build Your Own Real-Time Data Buoy with the DANTE System 

Mount Controller, PowerPack & Solar Panels

Plug in your sensors

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It Really Can be (98%) That Easy…. and our remote access online support quickly gets you up and running

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  • Tell us your sampling objectives, discuss your instrumentation choices, and a Dante System can be pre-configured with waterproof interface cables, sensor drivers, and programmed for your deployment needs.
  • Hosted server – Gives you data backup, user-defined parsing, data alerts, watch circle monitoring, user-defined data distribution and system performance monitoring – all with no IT burden.
  • Cellular, Iridium (SBD or RUDICS), ISM band RF, and Wi-Fi Telemetry options available.
  • Free Data Visualization and System Management Software
  • We can also provide Cellular and Satellite Telemetry Service options. You can buy a complete “sensor data-to-desktop monitoring solution” from one vendor.

DANTE Buoy Controller

The DANTE Buoy Controller is the heart of your monitoring system. It handles data collection, storage, transmission and power management. DANTE sets a new standard for buoy controllers. It combines a GPS receiver, telemetry modems, compass and tilt/acceleration sensors with very low power data logging, power management, and system watchdog functions in one extremely rugged immersion-proof enclosure, making it easier and less expensive to build buoys or other data collection platforms.


How It Works

The DANTE controller is uniquely modular.  It has four main components:


Main Processor

The Main Processor Unit (MPU) controls timing, power, watchdog functions, sampling, data collection and storage.

Communications Processor

The Communications Processor (COM) is a separate microcontroller system from the MPU. The COM has a GPS receiver; ports for multiple telemetry modems including cellular, Iridium™, and ISM radio; and a rechargeable battery for telemetry.  The COM will continue to transmit GPS position data even if the main battery fails.



The DANTE controller distributes data collection tasks to modules connected through a common backplane. Four RS-232 serial modules are built-in to the backplane, and up to 8 plug-in modules can be added inside the DANTE enclosure. Plug in modules offer an inexpensive and flexible way to add new capabilities to DANTE.



The backplane includes power connections, current measurement circuitry, internal temperature and humidity sensors, an optional inductive modem (Sea-Bird IMM), four built-in RS232 serial data acquisition modules, two slots for plug-in modules and an expansion port for additional plug-in modules






























DANTE PowerPack

DANTE PowerPack integrates dual LiFePO4 batteries and dual high-efficiency MPPT charge controllers in a robust DANTE-style housing. A single wet-pluggable connector interfaces the PowerPack to the DANTE controller. There are four solar panel inputs (M12 connectors, IP69K rated, 316L stainless steel)

Solar Capacity

Up to four panels @ 10 Watts each (40 W total)  (The panels shown are 5 Watts each)

Power Capacity

Battery capacity is 14 amp-hours at 12.8 V. This allows about 40 days reserve capacity for hourly sampling of salinity, oxygen, pH and turbidity with iridium telemetry



DANTE Server Hosting

DANTE Buoy Controllers send data through internet (TCP-IP) connections, allowing the controller to fully verify each transmission before internally marking the data as sent. DANTE Server software receives these connections. It runs on servers in multiple data centers around the world, virtually eliminating the possibility of data being lost in a regional internet outage.

DANTE server hosting is a central and inexpensive part of the DANTE system. It dramatically reduces the technical burden on DANTE users. We configure your controller and primary and backup DANTE Servers so you don’t have to think about fixed IP addreses, server security, Linux versions, firewalls or the myriad acronyms behind the scenes of the internet.

Controlling DANTE Server Data Delivery

DANTE Vis software allows you to configure when, where and how data is delivered by DANTE Server. There are two ways to initiate data transfers from DANTE Server:

Report Tasks

Transmission of data from a controller to DANTE Server is called a report. After each report, DANTE Server performs controller-specific Report Tasks. These always include data back-up to remote FTP servers and controller status and health checks. You can add any number of additional Report Tasks to create processed data streams and forward raw or processed data by email, FTP or MySQL database publishing.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks run at fixed times. They are a great way to generate periodic data summaries or just send reassuring emails with performance details.


DANTE Vis Software

DANTE Vis (for Visualization) software enables easy, efficient data retrieval, parsing, manipulation and analysis. It is also your tool to communicate with sensors in the field and edit DANTE Server’s data delivery options. There is no additional charge for DANTE Vis software – it is an integral part of your DANTE experience.

Parsing Raw Data Files (from controller SD memory cards or archives)

  • Select a data file. The software parses the raw file, creating a display with one tabbed pane for each instrument found in the file.  GPS, solar voltage / current reading, buoy firmware event monitors and cellular signal strength are treated as separate instruments.
  • Select which data from which instruments to include in a CSV file output.  The selection can be saved as a data setup file.
  • As needed, add data plots, publish data to MySQL tables and save to CSV files.

Displaying and Converting Data from MySQL Tables

  • Select a MySQL database and table.
  • Read the data.
  • Select a time period.
  • Optionally add data plots, publish data to other MySQL tables and save to CSV files.
  • Plots can be configured to auto-refresh to display real-time data.




Making Terminal Connections to DANTE Controllers in the field (cellular only)

Live terminal connections can be made, even from behind a firewall

  • Select Tools->Connect to DANTE
  • Enter your username, password and the ID of the controller you want to connect to
  • After the next data report, the controller receives the request and makes a live connection through DANTE Server to DANTE Vis

DANTE Config Software

DANTE Config is your utility to:

  • Display the hardware configuration
  • Select or edit sensor drivers
  • Create sampling & telemetry schedules
  • Review and edit controller and COM settings
  • Save the entire setup to a single computer file.  This config file may be sent to the controller via PC serial connection or cellular link.


Brochures and Spec Sheets

Feature Article – Sea Technology Magazine – New Path to Affordable, High-Accuracy Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring

Dante Brochure R010E – Buoy Controller and summary of DANTE System

Dante PowerPack Brochure R010F – Battery and Solar Panel Specifications


Configuration Guidance

DANTE Standard Connectors – Standard connector configuration on DANTE Controller housing

DANTE Optional Wet-pluggable Connectors – Optional connector configuration on DANTE Controller housing

LVA Module M12 Connector Options R0107 – Analog plug-in module M12 connector options, wire colors and pin-outs

LVA Module Optional Wet-pluggable Connectors – Analog plug-in module MCBH connector options and pin-outs


DANTE Config – DANTE Config software (Java)

DANTE Vis – DANTE Data Visualization software (Java)


Technical Documents

DANTE Sample A & B Programming R0101 – DANTE can run two separate sample programs (A and B) on a daily schedule, set with the SCHEDULE command. This document covers schedule settings and sample program commands.

Writing RS232 Sensor Drivers R0105 – Reference for sensor driver script commands. Sensor driver scripts are text files used to control data acquisition and retrieval from modules, such as the RS232 serial module or LVA analog module. These driver scripts are saved in the modules and run as directed by DANTE’s A and B sample programs.

COM Command Line Interface R0102 – Communication with Dante’s Communications Processor (COM module) which includes commands for GSM cellular modem,  GPS, compass, accelerometer and firmware updating.

DANTE Module Interface R0103 – For advanced users – how to communicate with plug-in modules on the MOD bus

DANTE Field Firmware Updates R0106 – Instructions for updating DANTE firmware

DANTE Mounting Holes – Instructions for mechanical mounting of DANTE Coltroller

5 Watt Solar Panel Mounting – Instructions for mechanical mounting of 5 Watt solar panels

DANTE PowerPak Mounting Holes – Instructions for mechanical mounting of DANTE PowerPack battery module